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Shadow's DBZ World

Here are some DBZ Midis, any requests, any additions, you know how to contact me.

Tretinet A cool upbeat DBZ theme.
Battle Theme DBZ battle theme.
Hikari no Willpower Another cool DBZ song.
DBZ Theme Another DBZ theme.
Fusion Theme Song played when two fighters are fusing.
Final Countdown Cool countdown song from DBZ.
Piccolo's Theme This is Piccolo's theme(untitled)
We Got Power Nice DBZ theme.
Can You Feel It Cool DBZ theme.
Gohan's Flute Flute song played by Gohan.
DBGT Theme(untitled) DBGT theme.
DBGT Theme #2 Another DBGT theme.
Don't You See Sad DBZ song.
Big Fight A great song played during a fight.
Dan Dan Hikaretsu Cool DBZ theme.
Rock the Dragon (.wav) American DBZ opening theme.